2018  National Delegates Meeting Minutes


Opening and Introduction

Garry welcomed everyone and acknowledged the new delegates attending. Gave a brief run down on schedule for the weekend and advise that video call into CAMS would be at 10am


Confirmation of 2017 meeting minutes

  • Minutes confirmed accepted with no items of business arising from the previous minutes.
  • Minutes accepted SW, seconded GH
  • Minutes from Tele conference held Oct 2017. GH asked if Nankang did reply back with their financials and also asked if we still looking at any current tyre issues with A050.
  • Advised that Yokohama had supplied clubs with tyre info sheet as requested by board
  • SW suggested other items would be discussed later as agenda item.
  • Minutes accepted SW, seconded SC
  • No other minutes from other teleconference


IPRA Financial Report

  • GM tabled 2017 statement; Balance of $17,199 at end of May 2018
  • All states paid up to date with Cap fees.
  • GM requires membership numbers for 2018 from all clubs.
  • GM advised that Yokohama had been invoiced for 2018 sponsorship monies.
  • MN to send email requesting Nationals funding for the event. Action GM
  • GM asked all to consider National board looking at a marketing budget, pointed out current healthy financial position.
  • General discussion on how best to effect better IPRA branding.
  • Board in agreement to review a marketing programme with a set budget, need to identify strengths and weakness of IPRA
  • Qld advised that a member had done some work on this.
  • No increase in cap fees. Financial statement accepted 


Video call with AMRC Chairman Lyn Punchon

There wassome general discussion on the questions that had been put to CAMS and also what clubs thought of difference between CAMS and AASA. Vic thought CAMS was still effective and members thought CAMS had meaning. Question was raised, are CAMS aware of impact AASA etc are having on state championships. Qld having some issues with track promoters


  • Lyn P dialled in GM introduced everyone and asked Scott to talk on the boards behalf.
  • CAMS has no “white paper” last one was in 2000
  • CAMS have clear structure and that hasn’t changed. IPRA still seen as strong category sits between P/cars and S/sedans
  • Any concern with type 2 cars running in type 3. LP advised that CAMS are moving to align with FIA structure. CAMS not totally happy with some freedoms in 3E
  • CAMS do think it has good feeling of its members but could always improve. Some changes in CAMS internally for better working between departments/ commissions etc
  • CAMS are conscious of number of categories and try not to start new ones … Excels are 3E / IROC Porsche are 2B
  • LP advised that CAMS do not work with AASA. Issue with QLD tracks was out lined. Lyn believes a lot happening to try and make it better for competitors
  • Lyn thought that we had copy of document that set out criteria for production car tyre list. GM did not receive any recent email or document. CAMS tech developed 3 yrs ago. CAMS advised by tyre Manufactures all tyre fit for purpose
  • LP agreed with IPRA positive to be able to talk openly and encouraged IPRA to keep moving forward with new cars. Offered to be available for other board meeting (tele conf)
  • LP also thought a National Forum was worth looking into and would discuss with Mike S/ Eugene O.
  • LP understood issue with TAS and WA with Sports GT (old Targa) and Street Cars and said that CAMS have been working to resolve this issue and bring them in-line with category like IPRA. WA asked for a time line on when it could be resolved.
  • LP again spoke about push for change in CAMS system. SC asked if they believed members where supportive of CAMS direction.CAMS board working on it and is next step. Any concerns on loosing members? No Change approved at this point
  • GM thanked LP for taking time to talk and answer our questions.


Outcome from Lyn P. video call was to ask CAMS for

  • Copy of Production tyre list criteria document
  • When can we expect a resolution to ongoing issue with Street Cars and Sports GT issue?

Action GM letter to CAMS


State by state review

  • Membership steady at 16
  • 4 club champ/ship events + V8’s + sponsor day
  • Get between 8 – 12 cars each event
  • Things not good at present with numbers dropping. Membership at 98 which is lower on past years
  • NSW has 6 state rounds this year but looking at less in 2019
  • Club working hard to try and understand problems for low numbers
  • Membership up to 135
  • Only 5 rounds + Island Magic
  • 141 cars over all rounds
  • Note that more LMT
  • Great “vibe” currently in club
  • Sandown event ran U2L and O2L for first time
  • Noted that new lap record sits evenly between PC & S/Sedan lap times
  • Membership steady but racing numbers are down
  • Have 7 club rounds. Need to get 12 cars for grid a week out from meeting
  • Noted Excels and Street Cars numbers are better than IPRA grids
  • Track surface cars wear tyres. Plans to have truck resurfaced
  • Slight increase in membership to 62
  • New members and new cars (2 x Toyota 86’s)
  • Grids are Okay. New Tailem Bend should be a positive for club
  • Total of 5 rounds + Clipsal
  • Membership at 69
  • Total of 7 rounds over 3 tracks( Run both club and state championships)
  • Number down slightly, number of reasons why people not running this year
  • Have tried to get on V8SC events
  • At this stage no new cars
  • Membership not good and is less than last year.
  • Car numbers are slightly better. State rounds only get around 55 cars total
  • HQ and Excels biggest in state


New 2018 regulations feedback

  • SA noted some unhappy with restrictor changes. Believe they have lost some competitors
  • Most others generally believed regulations were well received.
  • Not everyone could take advantage ie;6spd g/box not everyone could change
  • SW asked was there any negative impact on racing
  • Non-competitors making noise.
  • Need more time to see full effects of changes


IPRA 2017 Nationals review

  • Overall a good event with WA club happy with turn out.
  • Approx 40 car qualified. There was two finals held,  U2L and O2L
  • GM CK noted that he was not aware of power in holding of the TC role
  • Future events need to advise all of Parc Ferme after finals


2018 Nationals update SA

  • JW advised entries currently at 94 overs and 31 unders. Approx 112 paid deposit
  • Got good response from E of I
  • Club is running the event. First time for IPRA SA.
  • Have good working group assisting with planning
  • Have got some sponsors… towing company major sponsor
  • Saloon Cars only support category.. Nothing in writing but confident they will commit
  • Tailem Bend still working out cost. SA club wanting to finalize costs asap.
  • Approx track hire of $75K. Lots of “add-ons”
  • Confident of 2 overs grid and 1 under grid
  • Event regulations still to be done. GM to be kept in loop of progress
  • Club will look at getting entry forms out ASAP.
  • SA to keep all updated. Date of 8thOct for SA to seek assistance

Some general discussion took place on the effectiveness on the IPRA Nationals.

Flexibility in running the events, burden on clubs to host event, being able to follow the model set down by board.

Concerns over SA being put at risk financially and asked that if they need assistance they should ask other states for help. It was noted that a club should not be put at risk just to hold nationals each year. Some timelines need to be in place for future events.


  •       IPRAA Tyre Tender/ Tyre regulations
  • Some general discussion took place around any issues with tender process etc and also what IPRA want/need from a control tyre. What could we do to get more manufacturers interested in tendering?
  • Identify areas that possibly restrict us: Maximum rim size (width & diameter) Aspect ratio
  • Do we need to review regulations around tyres? Do we need a control tyre?
  • All agreed that we should look at review of tyre regulations/ control tyre etc.
  • SC had done some work on a possible new tyre chart based on rim size over weight
  • Decided that delegates have until end of Sept to get back to GM with their thoughts Action   All



National Technical Committee

  • There was a general discussion on the NTC working paper draft 4.1 sent out by GM in July. It was noted that the flow chart needed to reflect better the need for the NTC to have accountability to the National board.
  • The intent and scope was written in the draft but flow chart needed reworking to better reflect this.   Discussion on time lines for NTC to work in, 21 day turn around would be appropriate
  • (7 days sending out to committee, 7 days to respond, 7 days for board to confirm/approve).
  • No committee names on final decision document. Final points as discussed to be added to NTC charter document.   Action GM SW
  • GM advised that NTC had been trialed unofficially and seemed to be very effective but could need some tweaks for things to work better.
  • All advised that the term club Eligibility Officer (EO) would now be called Technical Officer (TO) which brings IPRA in-line with titles used by CAMS.
  • All agreed to implement the NTC. Announcement from board to go out to all parties.


IPRA Strategy Plan and Future

  • Discussion around what IPRA need to do to secure a healthy future. Number of points raised with a number of clubs noticing a decline in the grid numbers.
  • SJ spoke about uniformity with each club, better communication internally and from club to club.
  • Improved Production will stopped being shortened to IPRA when using verbally and called Improved Production.
  • GM spoke about all states being on same page and all heading in the one direction, with everyone understanding what is needed and all understanding what’s required.
  • GM asked all states to adopt and use the National logo format.  Understood if some still wanted to use their club logo as well but must also use National IP logo format. Action all states
  • Some general discussion based around RJ data sheets. Some spoke about the new category’s that have started up in recent times which has possible direct effect on IP numbers. Excels, Pulsars, HQ’s rejuvenation, AAIS categories like Super TT
  • Discussion and agreement for IPRA to maintain its affiliation with CAMS and to remain a Touring Car based category.
  • Mission / Vision statements were reviewed and its effectiveness within IPRA.
  • A review will be undertaken. Code of conduct also discussed and agreed was needed.  Action all states


Meeting closed 5.45


Sunday meeting resumed 9.00


IPRA Strategic Plan and Future con’t

More general discussion from all, with a number of points written up on the white board to best try and understand and identify all aspects.

Mission /Vision                                                                                               Strategic Plan

Touring Car                                                                                                       Governance

Diversity                                                                                                           Marketing

National                                                                                                            Brand

Engineering                                                                                                     Enlargement



Strengths                                                                                         Weakness

National Category                                                                       Numbers

Stability                                                                                            Brand IP

Governing Body                                                                            Lack of Volunteers

History                                                                                              Early M. Vs Late M.

Car Diversity                                                                                  Time to Process

Freedom to Develop


Opportunity                                                                                   Threats

Constitution Review                                                                   Competition of other Categories

Tech – Future                                                                                Promoters – Gov. Bodies

Team Budgets                                                                               Cost Increases




  1. Review of the current IPRA Constitution (SW & GM)
  2. Marketing Budget established from IPRAA account of $5000
  3. Steve J.was appointed to look at best avenues for marketing and branding IP     (SJ)
  4. States to submit reports to N/A after state events (SW & BS)
  5. Build a standard of operations – Functions of executive  (SW)
  6. To look at a possible name change in place of the word “restrictor”… was thought that it could be seen as a turn off to new people looking at joining  IP category
  7. IP Technical sticker to be adopted by all states. Details to be finalised first. State TO’s only ones to fill in details and attach. National body to cover the costs. Capped @ $500


IPRA NA role

General discussion on the National Administrators role and job description and ways to attract the best candidates. What requirements are needed to fulfil the role? When is the best time for the election and is there a need for change over period between incoming and outgoing. Period of appointment is 2yrs with option of 1 more year.

Review of all aspects of NA as outlined in current constitution to be undertaken.


State items


  • SC to help write letter to CAMS regarding Local Street Car category
  • Wheel / Tyre Chart general discussion on possible ways to have new chart based on weight/engine cc
  • SC put forward a draft of how it could look. All to give feedback                                                    Action ALL



  • Discussion and feedback asked on Mazda Cosmo submission that was sent out by RJ.
  • Asked about Suspension Arms item and why no decision on issue with 9.15 wording. How are components cleared for eligibility?
  • Suggested to speak to CAMS Tech (Jamie Argustine)



  • Asked about LM weights, where they came from and are they still relevant today. General discussion
  • 6 Spd G/Boxs  Vs Sequential G/boxs. General discussion on the pro’s and cons. The need to be fair for all.



  • Asked about the possibility to go from twin turbo to a single turbo. General discussion with SA to reconsider things.
  • Asked about 3Jb allowed all cars to fit turbo. General discussion with no outcome
  • Floated the idea of two more sizes turbo inlet device (Restrictor) General discussion with no outcome


No other general business

Meeting closed 4pm


Action items

Note; any outstanding items from 2017 are also to be followed up

  • Nationals event funding for SA club – GM
  • Letter to CAMS re, WA state categories issue – GM
  • Discuss tyre tender and state by state requirements – All
  • Finalize documents for NTC – SC/GM
  • National and state  IPRA Logo adoption – All
  • National Code of Conduct for all IPRA members – All
  • Analyse / Review IPRAA constitution – SW/GM
  • Investigate Marketing and Branding for IPRA – SJ
  • State reports – BS/SW
  • Std of Operations – SW
  • Look at wheel/ tyre chart  – All