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Rules & Regulations

Group 3J – Improved Production Cars

Improved Production has been adopted by Motorsport Australia as a sporting-level touring car category. Motorsport Australia is ultimately responsible for the approval of the regulations or changes thereto, and responsible for publishing the regulations via the Motorsport Australia Manual and associated Bulletins as necessary. The Improved Production Racing Association of Australia (IPRA) is recognised by Motorsport Australia as the sole entity representing competitors in this category. The IPRA is the category representative group which is made up of a representative from each of the Motorsport Australia and IPRA-affiliated Improved Production state associations.

The IPRA is recognised by Motorsport Australia as the sole entity which may make recommendations regarding maintenance of and/or proposed changes to technical regulations for this category and/or sporting regulations for the conduct of competition activity for such vehicles.

Motorsport Australia will consult with the IPRA exclusively regarding the maintenance and/or proposed changes to the technical and sporting regulations.

The IPRA will be responsible for consultation processes within its membership and with other interested parties as may be appropriate from time to time.

Vehicles shall conform with the General Requirements of Automobiles as laid down in “General Requirements for Cars and Drivers” in the CAMS Manual of Motor Sport and these regulations.

Motorsport Australia offers a range of licences across all discipline areas starting at entry level through to international. To access any of the listed forms, refer to the forms list at the bottom of this page.

Due to a conflict between the IPRAA constitution and the 3J regulations we propose the change below:-


Each year in January at the latest, Motorsport Australia will publish all changes made to these regulations in the Motorsport Australia Manual.

Changes made for safety may come into force without notice.

Rule changes are affected by engaging with club members as per the individual Improved Production Racing Association of Australia Clubs constitutions,

and a two-thirds majority of the Improved Production Racing Association of Australia(IPRAA) Executive Committee in accordance with the IPRAA constitution is required to effect a change

Entry Level Licenses

Level 1

Level 1 Licences are one-day only licences that may purchased at Club events for people that want to participate for the first time.  A level 1 licence is for a single event only and for use at only one event per year.  It is only valid for social and non-competitive participation.

Level 2

Level 2 licences are the basic club level motor sport licence. There are two types of Level 2 licence – Non Speed (L2NS) and Speed (L2S).

A L2NS licence entitles the competitor to compete in events such as observed section trials, touring assemblies, non-timed road events, motorkhanas, khanacross and drifting events, up to International level.

A L2S licence entitles the holder to compete in L2NS events plus regularity trials up to National Championship level, single and multi-car speed events (not racing) up to International level, and touring road events that do not run over closed road sections.

Clubman Level

(minimum for Improved Production events)

CAMS have a range of clubman level licences focused at those who wish to compete in a particular discipline up to and including state level event status. For a clubman level licence, use the National/International Licence form.

National Level

National licences are discipline specific – Race, Speed, Rally / Road, Off Road & Auto Test. Each type has individual requirements specific to each discipline’s licence. Holding a licence at national level in one discipline does not entitle to you compete in another discipline.

International Level

The FIA licence is required to compete in International events. Again discipline specific, the licences have additional requirements to national licences. In accordance with FIA Regulations, these licences expire on the 31st of December every year.

Competitor Licenses

Competitor licences are for competition vehicle owners who are not the holders of a driver/navigator licence.

Competitor licences may be issued to:

  • individuals
  • companies
  • groups
  • teams

The name on the CAMS Competitor Licence must correspond to the name in the log book of the relevant vehicle. Applications for Competitor Licences must where relevant submit evidence of incorporation and provide a ACN/ABN or registration of business name at the time of application.

All licenses available through Motorsport Australia Motorsport License Types