The 2018 Aldinga Towing IPRA Nationals is being in held at the exciting new Talem Bend Racetrack in South Australia. This years prestigious event is being run by IPRA SA.

Thanks to everyone that has registered thus far. This year’s Nationals is shaping up to be a HUGE event.

We now have registrations for 2 full grids of 46 in the O2L category and 25 of 46 in the U2L category

That’s 92 Overs and 25 Unders, total of 117.

We have infrastructure reserved for 132 under-cover spots. · 52 Pit-Lane Garage Spots (all taken) · 20 Garage Spots (12 taken and 8 remaining) · 60 Marquee Spots (53 taken and 7 remaining)

As it stands we will be running two full grids of O2L and one grid for U2L.

We will continue to accept registrations for the U2L category.

Regarding the O2L category, we will accept a further six (6) spots and these registrations will go on the reserve* list on a first in basis.

I encourage those in the O2L category to continue with your registrations because when we hit an additional twenty two (22) registrations for O2L we will be in a position to consider a third grid in this category. The sooner we hit this target the sooner we can begin to source the additional infrastructure. Note, that additional infrastructure beyond 132 spots is not guaranteed, however we will use our best endeavours to source these covered spots within the time frame available. For this reason IPRASA is imposing a registration cut-off on 15 August 2018.

Again, thanks to everyone that has registered thus far.

*Reserve List, should the O2L grid quantity be limited to two (2) and there is no requirement for a reserve list then IPRASA will refund your money in full. IPRASA would provide notification of this position as soon as possible after the 15 August 2018.

Jamie Weir
President IPRASA

Nationals Information

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