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Please find the link below to the Improved Production 3J rules for 2021 and the Engine Block Replacement Application form.

The AMRC has decided to proceed with an amended wheel/tyre table which was outside of the IPRA executive’s control. The IPRA executive committee had queried the AMRC amendment to the table and the AMRC reply is as below


Why did the AMRC proposal increase in rim width to all cars not just the heavy cars?

The rim width increase was asked for by IPRA on the grounds of improving safety for heavy vehicles, for whom a small number have been having tyre failures. IPRA notified the AMRC that Yokahama had recommended the increase in rim width to improve safety for heavy IPRA vehicles. This initial request was therefore approved for the reasons of safety as requested.

As part of this discussion, the AMRC also considered if the rim width increase was likely to provide a performance increase to the vehicles permitted the increase. It was decided that a performance increase may be possible for these heavier vehicles with this increase in rim width. To ensure that any potential performance gain attained by the heavier cars did not upset the current parity in the class, it was decided that the rim width increase should also able to be used by all other 3j cars over 2 litres. This decision was made specifically to ensure that the current performance parity in the class was maintained.



Brett Watters
IPRA National Administrator



At the recent IPRA AUSTRALIA National board meeting held in Sydney mid August 2018 the implementation of a National subcommittee to handle all technical enquiries for 3 J Improved Production Regulations was established.

The committee is to be known as The NATIONAL TECHNICAL COMMITTEE (NTC) The appointed chairman is Mr Steve Cherry who is supported by panel members Gary McKay , Gary Cook , Grant Maitland and Greg Hartnett. The very knowledgeable committee is responsible for providing advice and recommendations to the National Board and CAMS on the 3J Regulations for 3J Improved Production.

The NTC was established to provide a central point of contact where regulation inquiries or clarification could be sought in timely and uniformed manner. These responses will be documented, and an audit trail created for future reference should it be required at any time in the future. To seek clarification on any Improved Production Regulation it is recommended that a state Technical Officer be contacted in the first instance or a Technical Inquiry Form (NTC F1) which is available for downloading from the national website be submitted to the NTC.

It is envisaged that with the formation of this committee that over time the 3j regulations will become a much more clearer and understandable document and will in turn see a more uniform implementation of the regulations throughout the category.

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