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Find your local National Delegate

IPRA Australia National Board

National Administrator
Brett Watters
Victorian Delegate
Ben Schoots
N.S.W. Delegate

Lachlan McBrien

QLD Delegate

Greg Hartnett

S.A. Delegate
Grant Maitland
W.A. Delegate
Steve Cherry
Tasmanian Delegate

Jason House

N.T. Delegate

Rodney Jessup

Please Remember

All these positions are held by passionate individuals who give up their free time to ensure your individual views are conveyed to a National forum.

If you do not get a reply from your State Delegate, then please contact your club President before contacting the National Administrator

State Websites

Eligibility Officers

Please check with your state's Eligibility Officer in relation to any current restrictions and allowances of vehicle modifications.
NSW - Garry Cook
VIC - Jamie Augustine
SA - Michael Naguib
TAS - Steve Caplice

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